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Clinical Lead: Shinu Varghese



Charmaine first trained as a beauty complimentary therapist in 2010, and later developed an interest in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Charmaine has been a receptionist at Dover Physiotherapy since January 2017 and enjoys being a part of the team. Charmaine is your first point of contact and she will explain what Dover Physiotherapy has to offer you. 

About Us:

Dover Physiotherapy Clinic's mission is to provide personalised, high-quality exemplary care  for our clients. Our physiotherapists believe in providing comprehensive physiotherapy services to our clients in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We also believe in educating our clients as we work with them to achieve the best possible clinical outcomes and improve  their quality of life. 

We are proud of our unique 'hands on' approach to physiotherapy and rehabilitation. You will not leave us having had only e.g. ultrasound or been given just exercises. You will when appropriate, have had your tense muscles stretched; your stiff joints mobilised; a personal rehab exercise programme prescribed for you; your posture corrected; your training habits discussed; your work position assessed. 

Our Team

Shinu Varghese is a Chartered Physiotherapist working in the United  Kingdom. He was born in India and graduated in Physiotherapy from the MGR Medical University in India. After working for a few months in private practice he completed a graduate diploma in Rehabilitation from the Osmania University in 2000. He pursued a short career as a lecturer in Physiotherapy. His ambition to gain more knowledge and experience led him to move to South Africa and complete his master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Pretoria in 2004, specialising in musculoskeletal manual therapy. Since 2004 he has been practicing Physiotherapy in the UK. Having worked with a leading private hospital as the lead physiotherapist he decided to move in to private practice.

He has more than 18 years’ experience in the field of physiotherapy and is very committed and passionate about patient care. He has always been fascinated by Darwin and with the concept of evolution even as a schoolboy. He always questioned about why certain things happen to the human body. As a clinician he was puzzled by patients coming to him with no apparent history of injury or trauma. Some patients came to him with the same problem at different times even after the symptoms have been resolved with physiotherapy and other allied healthcare/medical intervention. After years of reflection and going through the concepts and phases of evolution, he now believes that the root cause of most ailments of the human body is fundamentally due to lack effective conditioning. He travelled to the US on a fellowship to spend time at the Mayo clinic, which is world renowned for exemplary patient care. Ever since his visit to the clinic, he has always dreamt of starting something unique to the benefit of the patients, to be then continued even after his time. He wanted to combine his understanding of how the human body works in evolutionary terms and his understanding of what exemplary patient care is to promote a unique rehabilitation service. This service will be provided at the Dover physiotherapy clinic.

Receptionist: Charmaine Leishman


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