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 Your First Visit

Initial Assessment

The Initial assessment will take 45 minutes. Your physiotherapist will ask you to provide some personal and medical details. Following a detailed conversation how the pain/symptoms started, what makes it worse, what makes it better and physical assessment for your problem, your physiotherapist will discuss the findings and a treatment plan with you.

On attending for initial assessment or treatment it is recommended you carefully consider what clothing you wear. Loose 
clothing, shorts, and sleeveless tops can be very helpful. The physiotherapist may ask you to remove clothing but you will be helped to maintain modesty, privacy 
and of course be given the chance to refuse. Comparing body surface visible and palpable changes are a very important source of information in physiotherapy treatment. 

Then your physiotherapist can discuss the amount of treatment required, treatment technique we might use, how long it might be expected to get better and the expected outcome. Be considered the treatment process to be a collaborative between physiotherapist and patients,  always welcome your questions/comments.

Chaperone Policy

All patients are free to have a chaperone present for any assessment or treatment session. This chaperone may be a family member or friend or you may request an additional Dover Physiotherapy Clinic staff member to be your chaperone (please inform us early, If you require our clinic staff member to be your chaperone). On some 
occasions, your physiotherapist may also request a chaperone.